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Elevate performance, increase ROI, drive employee engagement, and improve results. These are just some of the well-known benefits of executive coaching. In today’s challenging world, additional benefits include managing change, decreasing burnout, and building a collaborative, inclusive culture.

At MJR Coaching+Consulting our focus is on delivering client outcomes. Certified Executive Coach Mary Jo Romeo has extensive experience leading national teams and growing businesses. Expertise in the world-class Columbia University coaching process coupled with her direct, approachable style adds value to each coaching engagement. A communications expert, strengths-based coach, and sought after facilitator, Mary Jo focuses on exceeding expectations.

The goal for each client or team is to gain clarity, explore, and reach higher levels of success. New tools, techniques, assessments and ways of thinking and doing, bring about new habits. These new habits lead to sustainable change and continued growth.

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What our clients say

  • I cannot thank you enough for your time and guidance today. I found all the exercises very helpful in understanding our new team dynamic and individual strengths. I’m excited to utilize what we’ve learned to help advance our goals and aspirations for the future.

    - Lauren H., Executive Director
  • Mary Jo brings professionalism to all that she does. And she does a lot. She blends her talent working with people and a dedicated, disciplined work ethic to focus on the client as an individual who has much to offer, often times more than the client is aware. As an executive coach, Mary Jo was skilled at supporting me to establish and articulate clear goals. As a partner, she contributed guidance and encouragement with energy, firmness, and a joyful sense of humor. (She appreciated most, though rightfully not all, of my jokes). I developed capabilities that were new to me and that I continue to build with Mary Jo’s resourceful, persistent and artful coaching. The outcomes keep coming and continue to exceed my expectations.

    - Pete A., Career Finance Professional
  • Intuitive. Flexible. Caring. Mary Jo's insights, great questions, and gentle prodding helped me break down the steps I needed to take into bite-sized actions. Her follow-through is remarkable, as is her steadfast positive attitude. I can highly recommend Mary Jo to anyone seeking a highly committed, easy to connect with guide or mentor - in fact; this combination is what makes Mary Jo such a great coach and wonderful person to work with.

    - Martin V., Corporate Vice President
  • Working with Mary Jo is thought provoking. She has a way of asking questions that get to the root of situation and then she leads you from the root to the top ie., possible solutions or scenarios. Her methodology is logical, inspiring and allows you to see your own path.

    - Kathleen F., Non-Profit Director
  • Mary Jo opened my eyes to many different avenues and helped me create and execute a plan to find a new life. She held me accountable and cheered me along the way. She is one of my biggest supporters and I value her insights and “real talk” immensely. Mary Jo is the BEST, I recommend her to everyone!

    - Courtney M., Senior Account Manager
  • Throughout the coaching process, she provides frank feedback, tangible advice, and practical tools. Whether you’re seeking a career change, looking to advance your career in your current field or just need someone to counsel you about dealing with work situations, Mary Jo is the real deal.

    - Jane R., Business Owner
  • Mary Jo pushed me outside of my comfort zone to help me own my executive voice & presence.  She's an expert at asking just the right questions to get me to elevate my thinking beyond surface answers to everyday problems. She challenges me every time we talk to do more....and I just love it!

    - Naomi M., VP & CMO
  • I just started a new job after a long search. Mary Jo worked with me on how to own my executive presence and confidence, and how to dial it up and dial down when working with large and small groups. She helped me to get there through many 1:1 coaching sessions. Her guidance made a big impact!

    - Megan S., Assistant Dean