Leadership in action is… ?

Leadership in action is a marvel to watch.

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of partnering with my client who is a phenomenal leader. Greeting his team, …

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Have you built it?

One of my favorite questions to ask clients, relative to their professional life, is “How do you want to be seen?” or “How might you describe your professional or personal brand?”.

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How fast do you think?

Earlier this week, I met a new client. He’s quite accomplished, says he is very self-aware, and intentional about his leadership style. His career is moving along nicely and his next assignment will fulfill a long term dream of his.

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Have you thought about the type of leader you are?

I am a student of leadership. First of all, I love the concept of inspiring, developing, and challenging others while imagining and driving towards a future state. But mostly, the dynamism of leadership and the continual advancement that takes place in the study of leadership challenges me to stretch and grow myself as new facets of leadership are advanced.

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What is your best time of day?

When talking with clients about various topics such as work-life balance, productivity, stress management, meeting management, or overall exhaustion, the discussion often morphs into one about time, and how we effectively manage it or not.

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