Business Transformation through Rapid Alignment

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I am thrilled to partner with Deb Graham, a global leader of organizational development, to offer clients an expanded list of services to provide customized, high impact solutions that will deliver transformational results. Have you acquired a company and are trying to incorporate them into your culture? Maybe you are struggling with aligning your vision of your culture with the actual culture of your company? Or perhaps there is a challenge as you rapidly scale your organization? Reach out to learn how we can create a highly customized, effective and efficient program that will make an impact on your company and your bottom line.

Rapid Alignment solutions
change the status quo



Client: CEO of Global Data, Analytics Business Unit

Challenge: As the business environment shifted, this Business Unit struggled to maintain a competitive advantage. A rigorous approach to identifying future business opportunities was used to provide insight and alignment, ultimately, refocusing resources to win in the marketplace.

Outcome: This Business Unit is now a two billion dollar business.


Client: Packaging Manufacturer Leader

Challenge: A Supply Chain leader was brought in to charter a strategy that would support the company’s aggressive objectives. Over several months, the function’s structure, processes, culture and rewards were designed to support the business strategy.

Outcome: This collaborative approach resulted in rapid adoption, more effective use of company resources, exceptional service levels, and flexibility for future business changes.


Client: Acquisition Leader of Global Data, Analytics Company

Challenge: To successfully merge three distinct companies into the global company. Through a cultural assessment of each of the companies, key differences and current tension points were identified. The data from this work was used to facilitate candid discussions about how to work together effectively and guided strategic decisions.

Outcome: Two of the companies were integrated quickly. The third company was integrated a year later after differences were worked through collaboratively with this company’s leadership.


Client: Manufacturing Plant Manager

Challenge: Attempting to sidestep conflict, the Plant leadership team had wrestled with passive aggressive behaviors for several years. This contributed to misalignment of priorities, non-productive meetings, and conflict throughout the organization.

Outcome: The rapid alignment process enabled the team to engage in healthy debate and trust
building, while gaining skills to maintain ongoing alignment across the team. This resulted in a
cohesive leadership team and increased productivity through the Plant.


Client: Challenging Corporate Team Leader

Challenge: This talented senior manager had exceptional work experience and skills, but faced a crisis of confidence when working with an entrenched team in a manufacturing facility. Over an eight month program, with the help of various assessments and specific homework assignments, she broke through with key stakeholders.

Outcome: She received a substantial bonus and was ultimately promoted.