What We Do

At MJR Coaching+Consulting, we empower professionals and teams to gain clarity, overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

What is holding back you or your team?

Do you have challenges in leadership, communication, revenue or business growth, collaboration, career direction, women’s advancement, or transition?

Here is an overview of some of MJR Coaching+Consulting’s areas of focus. Everything is customized to deliver specific client outcomes:

Executive Coaching

One-on-one Executive Coaching, focused on leadership, collaboration, communication, and transition. We work with self-directed executives who are committed to professional and personal growth, with a willingness to make an investment in themselves and their companies. Coaching is outcome-based. MJR Coaching+Consulting’s executive clients move forward with specific goals and take positive action steps for self-improvement and advancement. Various assessments are offered, including a comprehensive 360 Diagnostic.

Business Growth Coaching and Consulting

As a Business Growth Coach, MJR Coaching+Consulting partners with clients to develop an action plan to reach new levels of success with their companies. Delving into the sales process, metrics, and effective selling strategies, our clients quickly see their blind spots. We hold them accountable to drive change and growth.

Career Transition Coaching

Are you looking for something new or do you need a change? MJR Coaching+Consulting partners with clients to create a pathway to a new job through a seven-step, strengths-based program. Sometimes a rough road can derail you or perhaps you don’t have clarity about how to move forward. We work with our clients to develop the winning interview and communication skills needed to get results. Check out Career Transition, it is a powerful program that provides a roadmap to get you where you want to go. You can also work with MJR Coaching+Consulting 1:1 as your Career Transition Coach.

Consulting and Custom Workshops

Are you ready to take your company and team to the next level? We consult with companies in business growth and company culture and create and deliver custom workshops in sales, leadership, communication, and company culture. 

Topic areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Effective Meeting Management
  • Aligning Your Values with the Company’s Values
  • Telling the Company’s Story
  • Active Listening and Concise Questioning
  • Elevating Confidence and Executive Presence
  • Using Coaching Techniques to Manage More Effectively
  • Advanced Sales Techniques
  • Sales for Non-Sellers
  • Sales 101 – Customized to the client company
  • Your Professional Story – How to talk about what you do
  • Effective Business Communication – in person or phone, email, video conferencing 

Communication + Confidence For Young Adults

There are so many influences and challenges facing young adults today as they navigate their last years of high school and enter college. As they make this transition, high expectations and demands on them may cause stress, insecurity, and anxiety. Even high achievers are prone to insecurity and sometimes at a loss for what to do. This can impact their confidence and how they show up physically and mentally.
This program is for young adults who want to elevate their confidence, executive presence, and communication skills. Customized to meet the specific needs of participants, this program is highly interactive, hands-on, and fun.
• Better preparation for college and/or the work world

• Increased confidence

• Enhanced executive presence

• Improved communication skills

• Actionable roadmap for continued growth