What We Do

At MJR Coaching+Consulting, we empower professionals and teams to cut through the weeds that inhibit growth.

What is holding back you or your team?

Do you have challenges in leadership, communication, revenue or business growth, collaboration, communication, career direction, women’s advancement or transition?

Here is an overview of some of MJR Coaching+Consulting’s areas of focus although everything is customized to deliver specific client outcomes:

Executive Coaching

One-on-one Executive Coaching, focused on leadership, collaboration, and transition. We work with self-directed executives who are committed to professional and personal growth, with a willingness to make a long-term investment in themselves and their companies. The focus is to move MJR Coaching+Consulting’s executive clients forward with specific goals, and take positive action steps for self-improvement and advancement.

Business Growth Coaching

As a Business Growth Coach, MJR Coaching+Consulting partners with clients to develop an action plan to reach new levels of success with their companies. Delving into the sales process, metrics, and effective selling strategies, our clients quickly see their blind spots. Holding them accountable drives change and growth.

Career Transition Coaching

Are you looking for something new or do you need a change? MJR Coaching+Consulting partners with clients to create a pathway to a new job through a seven-step, strengths-based Career Transition Coaching program. Sometimes a rough road can derail you or perhaps you don’t have clarity about how to move forward. We work with our clients to develop the winning interview and communication skills needed to get results.

Communication Coaching

How we are perceived by others is dependent on communication, how we present ourselves in one-on-one communications and in group settings. At MJR Coaching+Consulting, we analyze our client’s communication style and advance them to the next level by zeroing on what is holding them back and teaching specific skills and techniques to be more authentic and advance in their careers.

Women's Advancement Coaching

Women often lack clarity around their achievements, how they present themselves and how they are perceived by others. Word choice, communication style and body language all make an impact. At MJR Coaching+Consulting, we empower women to make a shift and show up as their best selves. The program focuses on increasing awareness and learning new tools and techniques to make a positive impact.

Business Consulting

Are you challenged with differentiating your business? Great storytelling matters. With 25+ years creating stories that drive revenue and success,  MJR Coaching+Consulting works with clients on a wide range of consulting services such as this one. To find out more, get in touch.