Leadership in action is… ?

Leadership in action is a marvel to watch.

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of partnering with my client who is a phenomenal leader. Greeting his team, listening, challenging, and inspiring them, he attended a two-day offsite for one of his teams over a weekend. When I entered the hotel at 8 AM, there  he was, walking with a half-dozen team members as they finished a yoga workout on the beach.

Supporting his VP, who leads this team of people managers, my client “Peter” was fully present throughout the session. He did not check his phone, he did not step out of the meeting to stretch his legs or take calls. Peter was committed to the work we did together and to the success of each member of his team. He was vulnerable. He was fun, and he was funny.

The turnover rate for manufacturing companies like the one Peter manages is 40%, and the turnover rate at this US subsidiary of an international company is only 12%. He has created a great place to work, as recognized regionally in the annual rankings, but more importantly, it is apparent anytime you walk through the halls of the plant.

How are your leadership skills? Are you vulnerable and inspiring, do you care about your employee’s professional growth and development? One recent study said that 41% of employees quit because of the lack of career development and advancement. Peter was there on a Saturday, and he was all in. Are you?

“If you think about business like a computer, culture is the operating system. Everything else is an “app.” Finance is an app. Creative is an app. Strategy is an app. But culture is the operating system.”
— Gary V.
Worth The Share

A different client recently shared this blog post from Sahil Bloom. In it, he talks about meeting legendary entrepreneur, creator, and investor Gary Vaynerchuk … known as Gary V.

As Sahil writes, during their conversation about longevity, Gary V. “casually dropped a single, incredibly powerful line: “You’ve gotta love the dirt.”’

This statement about loving the dirt is so powerful because most of us want to climb the ladder to leave the dirt. We strive to delegate and swoop in to solve the big, meaty problems. We want the respect, the power, the big office, the stress, and a robust compensation package.

You gotta love the dirt. Really? It’s brilliant.

Sahil goes on to say: “The dirt is where you start. It’s where you’re built. It’s where you find your initial success. We all start in the dirt on the journey to success, but few are willing to remain there. Few fall in love with the dirt. The day you leave the dirt is the day the clock starts ticking down on your run.”

Too many leaders care about the wrong things and lose sight of building something brick by brick, pivoting as needed, and building it again. To learn more, check out One Powerful Lesson from a Legend.

And Finally...

We are back at culture. The culture of your team, your culture at your company, your way of doing and thinking and living. Culture is active. Pay attention to it. If you are joining a new company, is their culture a fit for you? If you don’t know, find out.

If you have the opportunity to lead a team, do it with intention. Get better at it. Invest in yourself and your culture. Become known as a leader who inspires others, and yes, loves the dirt.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day,
Mary Jo
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