Are you a leader?

I often talk with clients about the difference between management and leadership, and most can clearly articulate those differences. Management is about executing or getting things done while leaders focus on motivating and inspiring people.

Of course, anyone can be a leader. You don’t need to manage people to be a leader, but true leaders are special. They are easy to spot. Maybe they have more executive presence than others, connect easily with people or communicate in a way that makes people want to follow them. Whether old or young, true leaders show up differently than other people. They exhibit what I call “power with ease”, they are comfortable leading people and comfortable with themselves.

What is your interest in elevating your leadership skills?


If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
do more and become more, you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams

To get more granular about the topic of leadership, this Forbes article offers some specific advice. Here are author Jennifer Cohen’s six tips:

Leaders lead: they take initiative, they jump in and lead others naturally, rather than waiting to be asked or told. They volunteer, raise their hand and move forward.

They move their body: here the author is talking about exercise, which is important. To build on that, leaders need to take good care of their whole selves and remain calm under pressure.

They make lists: I am not sure I would include this one. While lists are important, I think being a strategic thinker or having a vision for the future matters more. Leaders innovate.

They listen: This is hugely important. I have written about listening before and coach on the topic frequently. Listen to all opinions and then take time to reflect on them. Be willing to admit that you are wrong is important too.

They are open to evolving: Leaders have a growth mindset, are continuously learning, and are open to new ideas.

They enjoy life: This dovetails with self-care. Living a full life is good for the soul. Take that vacation, leave the office early to attend an event, or enjoy a hobby. As a leader, show your team that living a healthy life is encouraged.

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And Finally...

Today, I worked with a client who clearly demonstrated Inspirational Leadership as he was talking about how he would address a thorny issue with two of his department heads. Inspirational Leadership is one of the competencies of Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Daniel Goleman, the father of EI defines Inspirational Leadership as “having the ability to inspire others to align their actions towards a common goal or vision, to get the job done, and to bring out their best qualities along the way. With inspiration you can connect with something meaningful, and articulate a shared mission and/or values in a way that motivates people and offers a sense of purpose beyond day-to-day tasks.” In today’s world, Inspirational Leadership is critical if you want to build something special.

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