Are you guilty of?

I almost didn’t write this newsletter, falling victim to a busy work schedule (for which I am very grateful) and a full personal life (I’m very grateful for that too). When we have so much going on, something has to give… or does it?

Procrastination is real, and if I’m honest with myself, I have been procrastinating about writing this newsletter. After all, excuses are so easy to come by. I’m busy, tired, hungry, need to work out, company is coming etc. Putting things off is so easy to do and so common. I coach people about how to stop procrastinating all the time, and yet I still do it!

Some tips that work for me and others include: calendar blocking, optimizing the best time of day and using the Pomodoro Technique. What works for you?


Never put off till tomorrow what may be done the
day after tomorrow just as well.

Mark Twain

Worth the Share

As you can imagine, procrastination is a common topic in books, videos and articles. Another topic worth addressing is multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is a myth.

How to Give Each of Your Tasks Your Undivided Attention is an article from Thrive that is a compilation of various ideas on how to stay focused and not multi-task. One of my favorite tips: Give yourself time to procrastinate. That’s exactly what I did today, I’ve been mulling over today’s topic for several days until time literally ran out.

Another favorite is the TTT method, give yourself Time to Think. I’m working with a creative director at an ad agency who was lamenting that he and his team need time to create. Give yourself time to __________ (create, think, do nothing), it is so important.

Read on for more ideas.

And Finally...

For a bit of levity, check out this TED talk from Tim Urban on procrastination.

As a sometimes procrastinator, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it while I should have been putting the finishing touches on this newsletter.

His insight: all of us are procrastinators and we are all procrastinating about something in life.

Check it out HERE.

Have a great week,

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