Do you take time to reflect?

Two days ago, as a nation, we celebrated Memorial Day. Like many of us, I did some fun things – beach, pool, concerts, dinner with friends etc.

I also took time to reflect. Memorial Day has that kind of effect on me. One thing I did was attend a special service for all of those who lost their lives in service to this country. The ultimate sacrifice. It was poignant, powerful and humbling. I am a grateful American.

With my clients, I often challenge them to take time reflect. For some, you would think I was asking them to do something really dramatic, like jump off a building. I am kidding of course, but the concept of slowing down and building time into your schedule to regularly reflect is foreign to many of us. We are running too fast, simply too busy to breathe, think, ponder, question, challenge…reflect.

When was the last time you gave yourself time to reflect?


Stop, think and use your brain! Don’t rush through life. Take time to reflect as you define what success means to you. Always remember you are one of a kind!

Archibald Marwizi, author

Worth the Share

I am really jazzed by the subject of reflection, especially since I have always moved fast. Even at a young age, my kid brother used to say to me: “Hey Mar, how’s life in the fast lane?”. Slowing down and reflecting does not come naturally to me, yet it is a powerful habit to learn.

Harry Kraemer, professor of strategy and former CEO of a multi-billion dollar healthcare company, is committed to a daily 15-minute reflection practice. In this article, he provides three ways that reflecting strengthens leadership:

  • Know Your Priorities and Where You Fall Short: be clear about your focus and curious about what can be done differently
  • Minimize Surprise: using the military as a guide, plan for every contingency and what can go wrong
  • Build Stronger Teams: Kraemer said “I have the responsibility to develop every person I touch”.

He also said: “If I’m going to help you develop as a leader, one of the first things I’m going to try to do is to help you understand the tremendous benefit of self-reflection.”

Enjoy this article from the Kellogg Institute, “How Self-Reflection Can Make You a Better Leader”.
And Finally...

Are you ready to take time to reflect? What will you reflect on? Here are a few ideas:

  • What are my values? Define them. How do I live them?
  • How can I make a bigger impact in my current role?
  • What is holding me back from becoming my best self?
  • Why am I limiting myself personally and professionally?
  • How can I give more of myself to the world?
  • Who have I made a positive impact on in the last week?
  • What do I want more of in life? What do you want less of?
  • What am I being intentional about?
  • And, from the above article: If I lived today over again, what would I have done differently?
Have a reflective week,
Mary Jo
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