Have you ever thought about...

Have you ever thought about your personal brand? What does your brand say about you? How do you want to be seen by others at work?

When coaching clients, these questions come up a lot because they help us to be more intentional about ourselves and how we show up. One of my clients, “Casey”, is struggling with a volatile boss who is quite challenging to work with.

While Casey said she wants her brand to be seen as smart, decisive and effective, the language she uses when talking with this challenging boss is anything but clear and direct. Understanding what she wants her brand to be and how she wants to be seen helped her have clarity around what she needed to shift to align with her brand vision. How we speak, how we dress, how we show up on video or in person all tell others about our brand. Be intentional about your brand.


A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.

Seth Godin

Worth the Share

Speaking about brands, what does the color of your company logo say about your company?

For example:
  • Which color makes babies cry?
  • Which color is preferred by men?
  • Which color alleviates depression?

This article from Fast Company is fun to read and will shed some light on your company’s brand color. My first company color was green because it represented growth, the color of money and the NY Jets (don’t ask!). My current company, MJR Coaching+Consulting, is orange because it reflects energy, enthusiasm and warmth, all traits that I bring to my work.

Read on to learn more about colors and what they tell us, based on the work of Neuroscientist Bevil Conway.

And Finally...

Your personal brand will have several components. When it comes to talking
about yourself, which is your brand, talk about what you do, why you do it, and why it matters in a brand statement.

Here is my brand statement, for example, : “I am passionate about partnering with high-performing professionals to elevate their career success.” I want to be seen as smart, energizing, thoughtful, kind and direct.

This article from indeed.com has several examples of brand statements. Perhaps write you own brand statement to bring further clarity to what you do, then write  down a few words to describe how you want to be seen.

Have a great week,

Mary Jo

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