Have you forgotten?

When was the last time you walked into a room to get something and forgot what you went in there to get? Recently, Elizabeth Bernstein wrote an article about memory for the WSJ, and reports that “short term, and goes on to report that “short, temporary instances of forgetfulness are happening to more of us these days” according to memory experts. Why?

We are experiencing a tremendous amount of change in our world, chronic and cumulative stress is not helping either. As one expert said: “our brains are like computers with too many tabs open right now. This slows down our processing power, and memory is one of the areas that falters.”

The advice? 1. Don’t force yourself to remember, it has the opposite effect. 2. Stop multitasking, you need to commit it to memory in the first place. 3. Help your brain calm, take a walk or meditate. 4. Be socially present, it is such a gift we give others.


Forgetting happens. If you stress about it, it’ll happen even more.

Lisa Genova, author

Worth the Share

Did you know that your smart phone could be one of the culprits that is robbing you of your memory? How can that be? We all rely on those devices and in fact, on average, look at our smart phones 58 times a day.

This article talks about the importance of sharpening our memory and presents a valid business case for doing so. Our memories are critical for us to build relationships and remember those details about our clients and colleagues that really matter to them and make people feel heard.

Take a minute to read: How to Build a Stronger Memory and maybe try the suggestions offered by the author, Philip White. You will be glad you did.

And Finally...

Speaking of advice, I learn so much from my clients. The other day, I had the privilege of giving a brief talk at an awards luncheon, and spoke about five things I have learned that encourage us to live our best lives:

1. Take care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
2. Give yourself grace. Perfect is the enemy.
3. Have a sense of curiosity and wonder, it opens everything up.
4. Laugh … a lot. It releases several good hormones that make you feel like you are exercising, meditating and having sex all at the same time (I’m serious!).
5. Give back to others at home and it your community, it will make a huge difference in your life.

What do you want more of this week?

Have a great couple of weeks,
Mary Jo

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