How Grace Helps Your Team Grow

In a coaching conversation the other day, the client used the word GRACE. She was speaking about giving herself grace. She realized that she wasn’t really being gentle with herself, nor was she accepting the challenging realities she is facing as a business owner, wife and mother who is in the middle of a complicated move… all during Covid.

Whether you are working, looking for work, leading a team, hollowed out by this ongoing crisis or just simply exhausted, are you giving yourself grace? Are you showing grace to your family, friends and colleagues? As Covid stretches on and on, it can wear us down without even realizing it. Are you pushing yourself and your teams too hard? Are you practicing self-care? Have you taken a vacation?

Try and extend some grace to yourself and to those around you.


“The ideal man bears the accidents of life
with dignity and grace,
making the best of circumstances.”


Worth the Share
In a demonstration of serendipity, I read this article about GRACE for today’s leaders and managers during this time of crisis. We tend to forget that when things are so upended, professionals still need to keep growing and learning, it’s essential. In this article, GRACE stands for Growth, Relationship, Agility, Creativity and Equity. Sound advice for leaders to implement so that their teams continue to develop.
And Finally...

When you see something, say something. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend who is also an Executive Coach, and noticed that he didn’t seem like himself. So I asked him about it. Long story short, he wasn’t himself. He had been working so hard and plowing through all that was on his plate, that he lost sight of the need to rest and recharge. Happily he gave himself the gift of time and did just that… and now is in a much better place.

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