What are your core values?

A month ago, I wrote about a client who was undervalued at her job. Her CEO changed her role within the company and who she reported to without first discussing it with her or her manager.

She quit that job and ended up joining a new firm where she had an amazing on-boarding experience and received a much better compensation package. While the honeymoon isn’t over yet, she now owns her value and is crystal clear about her role and the expectations of her new boss, the CEO.

Working with “Lisa” was a pleasure because of her focus and commitment to find a better work solution for herself. She was fearless, making connections with potential employers and being clear about her goals for a new role. Working for a company where her values aligned with their values was at the top of her list.

What is the lesson here? Find the right employer for YOU. They are out there. The first step is to know yourself, understand what matters to you and be clear about your own personal values.


Your values create your internal compass that can navigate how you make decisions in your life. If you compromise your core values, you go nowhere.

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Worth the Share

When I read this brief story from Thrive, I thought of my client “Lisa” and many others I’ve know over the years who fight back in a way that works for them.

I find it so empowering when we realize we can make a choice, that we do have power and don’t need to settle. It is so easy to cave and
feel stuck or trapped. The thing is, when we do that, we shrink.

Read How I Found My Gutsy and get inspired by a young woman who owned her power.

And Finally...

How do you figure out which values matter most to you at this moment in your life? There are several assessments that you can use, including this one from Psychology Today. To get a snapshot of your values for free, click on this LINK and answer the 202 questions in the assessment.

Another option, and one that works really well, is to review a list of values, like this one from James Clear. I’m coaching a few MBA students at the College of Charleston and the exercise they do is simply circle the six values that mean the most to them. While it sounds easy, it takes time to really think about what most matters to you.

My personal values are: connection, family, faith, impact and service, and I try to live them every day. Another might be autonomy – after working for myself for almost ten years it is clear to me that I’m best on my own.

Have a great week,

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