Why are so many of us…

The other day, I coached a client through the results of her 360 assessment, a valuable tool where several of her direct reports and managers provided her with confidential feedback on various skills including leadership, ability to motivate others, build talent, execute, innovate and communicate.

This client rated herself about 50% lower than others rated her on several different metrics including listening, managing time and important tasks and remaining focused. The gap was substantial! As I coached her through the results, she was genuinely stumped by the gap. There was another interesting insight, her managers rated her a lot lower on her leadership skills than her direct reports. My client does not own her value and it shows with upper management.

Are you being honest with yourself about the value you bring to your organization? I often ask clients “Are you missing the bragging gene?”


Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.

M. Scott Peck, Psychiatrist and author of The Road Less Traveled

Worth the Share

Knowing your own self-worth is critical, yet many of us do not really value ourselves and the value we bring to our clients, our companies and our relationships.

This article from Psychology Today digs into why so many of us have low self-worth, pointing out that when self-worth is tied to external factors it can be problematic.

Here are author Dr. Tchiki Davis’s four tips:

  1. Prioritize learning over performance: focus on growth, fail forward
  2. Adopt prosocial goals: be in service of others
  3. Reduce external contingencies: lean into your positive internal stories, own your value
  4. Focus on your strengths. Ask yourself these simple questions:
    1. What makes you are special or unique?
    2. What do you do that no one else does?
    3. What are your positive qualities?

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And Finally...

What surprises me in my work is how many people I coach, at all different stages of their careers, express to me that they have low or no confidence in themselves.

One of my newest clients, a director of engineering, told me today that he has no confidence in himself, and doesn’t understand why he is in his role since his peers are much

older than him and have much more experience. When I asked him what he is an expert in, he shared four things quite quickly. Interestingly enough, he could not say “I am an expert in these four things…”. He could not say it!

Own your strengths, own your value and own your awesomeness. And if you do not own these things, we can work on it together.

Have a great week,
Mary Jo
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